Are there 2 different versions of 1Password?

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I am running 1Password v6.8.5 on my Mac using the families/teams sync but I am a single person (there seems to be no name for this and we need to differentiate from iCloud sync, surely)?

Anyway, I just downloaded 1Password for a 2nd Mac and. noticed it was v6.8.6.

I wondered why I had no update notice on Mac #1 and then notices Mac 1 had no update icon in its preferences panel. I then also noticed that Mac 1 was called "!Password" in the menu bar and that Mac #2 was called "1Password 6" in the menu bar. ...both were v6.8.x

When I manually downloaded v6.8.6 to Mac #1 and installed it, I expected it to overwrite v6.8.5 but now I have 2 apps, one called "1Password" and one called "1Password 6". "1Password 6" started up as if completely new so I assume they are not sharing anything.

I have completely uninstalled "1Password" and setup "1Password 6" as that is the latest version and has the update option in the preferences pane and it is happily now logged in to my "teams/families for 1 person account" (really, what is that called?).

So, my question: Are there 2 different completely different versions of 1Password that do the same thing? With the exception of the name and update panel, they appear to be/do the same thing.

1Password Version: 6.8.x
Extension Version: n/a
OS Version: OSX 10.13.2
Sync Type: not teams, not families - the other one


  • rudy

    @JamesHenderson, comes from the Mac App Store.
    1Password comes from our website.

    There is no measurable difference between the two.


  • doio
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    I installed 6.8.6 from the website (again) hoping that App Store would not prompt me that there's an update (6.8.6) for 1Password available. Now 1Password is up-to-date, I am still seeing it available to update in App Store. So weird.

  • JamesHenderson
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    phew - thought I was going nuts! ...thanks for that.

    This also explains why "1Password" (App Store version) has no upgrade icon in preferences.

  • AGAlumB
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    Yeah, I've seen that myself in the past, and it's a bit weird. Glad to hear you were able to update the right way at least! :)

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