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Is there anyway to share details from 1 password?

For example, I sometimes need to create an account on a system for someone and it would be great if I was able to share the details via 1Password rather than via other means.


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  • Lars
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    @toneee - there is indeed! In fact, there's a few ways to do this, so it will help if you let us know the context. If you're regularly sharing Login or other item details with family members or people in an organization or business, then 1Password Teams will be the best way to accomplish it in an ongoing, secure, configurable way.

    If you just occasionally need to share a single item with someone else who is not a 1Password user -- or is a 1Password user but doesn't share the same 1Password Families or 1Password Teams account, you can click the Share button (just like the one in mobile Safari) to see a list of the ways in which you can share single items. AirDrop is the most secure, but you can also use the Messages app or even Mail -- but remember, these will be UNencrypted copies, and you should exercise care when using this option.

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