Including vaults with invitations?

Hi! First of all we really love using 1Password in our environment, but as we are growing we are noticing the invitation/onboarding process adding users to individual vaults is pretty time consuming. Is it possible to have a way to include predetermined vault information with the invites so when the users accepts they are also included in the vaults they should be in?

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    Welcome to the forum, @agangaram! Thanks for the kind words about 1Password Teams! We're glad to hear you folks are enjoying things.

    With a small-to-medium sized team, our own Admin Console is quite capable for onboarding uses, but when a team gets up to into the several hundreds then it can indeed become time-consuming, especially if you have a few major "categories" of groups/roles you want larger numbers of team members to all have.

    I'd be remiss if I didn't point you in the direction of our new-ish command-line interface which can make admins' and IT folks' lives much easier in this regard. But we're also working on some other, more-advanced ideas for integration with some IDPs, although that's still in the development stage at this point.

    I think what might be best here since we'd be discussing specifics of your setup is for me to introduce you to my colleague Grant who handles Account Management here, and have you continue the conversation with him privately via email. With your permission, I'll give him your email address and have him contact you - would that be OK?

  • Hey Lars,

    Yep! We have looked at the CLI tool but even that is a bit involved at the moment requiring manual entry. You can definitely sent Grant my email address so we can chat.


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    @agangaram Done! You should be hearing from him shortly via email. :)

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