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BIG PROBLEM with iPad (BRAND NEW) Cannot get 1PW to work

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No matter what I do on my new iPad....hours old....I cannot get 1Password to be happy.....I'M POSITIVE I KNOW EVERYTHING I NEED TO KNOW. I know my Secret Account number, I know my 1Password and I know my email address.....And I know my name too. Not 100% positive if I know my User name or login.....It's easy to connect on every device I have EXCEPT NEW IPAD.....I can connect via 1Password Application v.6.8.6 (686004).......on Macbook Pro using that application or just using Chrome Browser and giving Secret Account number etc. I can connect on my iPhone.....using iPassword.....But I can't get it installed on new iPad....I DLEd it, and I'm already a member and I know everything....but each time it says my Secret AccountPW is WRONG....I'm positive I typed it correctly with all the hyphens etc. Not sure how or when I'm going to get answered....but if at all possible could you email me an answer to [email protected]

I don't know how to see where you are going to answer me in this forum.....Had a ton of problems just signing into forum and getting to type.....I couldn't get cursor to work at all. BTW, I have 1 Password Installed on many other devices in our home....like Mac Lap tops and IPhones and Desktop computers....I AM FRUSTRATED....BIG TIME!!!!! I'm not positive of what version I DLed from App Store onto new Ipad. I Dled it from Apple Store (when I was at the Physical Apple Store in Hillsdale, California earlier today. I'm assuming it was the latest Version. And since I do have a Secret Account number....I'm assuming I'm some kind of subscriber etc. and hope I'm current.....I think I am because pretty much 1 Password has worked flawlessly until today.....and just won't work on new iPad....because it says I'm using invalid Secret Account NUMBER......but I'M NOT!!!!!! It's valid number AND IT WAS TYPED CORRECTLY........Thanks....Carol Ordemann

[email address removed by AgileBits]

Also I think my synch type is just via [email address removed by AgileBits]

Below under Additional information....I wasn't able to type complete address. Fairly positive I'm not synching via iCloud.....but I'll synch anyway you want......but until today....1Password has been working fairly flawlessly for more than a year.....on all devices.

1Password Version: Probably 6.8.x
Extension Version: not sure
OS Version: IOS 11.2.5 (15D60)
Sync Type: Don't think iCloud....I think just [email address removed by AgileBits]


  • CarolOrdemannCarolOrdemann
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    Finally after hours of trying....have made 1Password HAPPY.....the error messages I was getting earlier said that Secret Account Number was wrong.....but it wasn't!!!! Then tonight it complained about user login...as being invalid...so I gave it a different one leaving off http:// and also/vaults....and just gave it the middle part...and I've obviously made it happy.....WOW!!! Hope I don't have to install it ever again. Might never upgrade my iPhone 6s+ if it's going to be that hard to get 1Password Installed on new iPhone. Also was considering installing it on my iWatch....have had watch a few months...but I'm afraid of more problems like I had today.....I figure just having it on iPhone is enough...if I'm away....but that means I have to have iPhone with me to access 1Password.....any suggestions???

    ref: KRP-72766-847

  • BenBen

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    Hi @CarolOrdemann

    I’m sorry to hear you had so much trouble setting up 1Password on your iPad. I’d highly recommend printing your Emergency Kit, which will make setting up devices much easier:

    Get to know your Emergency Kit

    I hope that helps!


  • CarolOrdemannCarolOrdemann
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    I have it printed out already and in a safe place. But the easier way for me to use it is by just copying it in 1 Password (like if I want to get into 1Password Via Browser.....but that is kind of redundant, because I'm already in 1 Password. And the problem is that I can't copy/paste when my new device is getting setup with 1Password. But the advantage (for me) is that if I bring up Secret Account Key in 1Password is a can view in LARGE SIZE....and it's much easier for me to read when I need to type it in activate on New Device. I'm thinking all my problems wee coming from not using correct Login/User Name.....but the error message kept saying it was invalid Account Key......But then late last night when I tried again....then it complained about UserName or Login....and didn't complain about Account Key being invalid . Anyway, thank you Ben....problem solved, but now my husband has seen my new iPad...and he wants one too....which means I'm going to have to go through installing 1Password AGAIN. Hope I learned something yesterday. BTW, the reason I tried getting on using Browser was to make sure that I was indeed using correct Secret Account Key....the 40 character thing.

  • BenBen

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    The Emergency Kit has a QR code on it... it is that funny looking box thing. That can be scanned, which will input your details (except Master Password) automatically.

    Does that help?


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