I have updated to 1password 6 on new Mac won't allow licence details to be entered, so can't edit

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I bought a licence in 2011 and have just bought a new Mac. 1Password now says trail has expired but won't allow me to enter my original licence details. I can't edit anything

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Referrer: forum-search:I have updated to 1Password 6. It now says my trial has expired but won't let me enter licence


  • Lars
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    Welcome to the forum, @mailh! Glad to hear from a long-time user. 🙂

    2011 was seven years ago at this point (I know! I can't believe it either). That means the license you would've purchased at that point was for 1Password 3 for Mac -- three full versions ago. In other words, while it's still valid for the version you purchased (version 3), it no longer works to license you for the current version of 1Password for Mac (6.8.6).

    You've got a couple of options: the first is to purchase a license upgrade to the current version. That will allow you to use 1Password on as many Macs as you personally own/use. The other option would be a 1password.com membership. Of the two, I'd recommend the latter without hesitation at this point, for a couple of reasons (well, actually, there are a lot of reasons -- but a few in particular). First, 1Password 7 is coming out in the not-too-distant future. No, I don't know when, exactly. But if you're leaning towards a license purchase, it might be better to wait until the new version is out. Except, doing that (waiting) won't solve your current issue. The other main reason I'd recommend a 1password.com membership is that it includes unlimited access to all four of our native applications (for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android), including all future upgrades, for as long as you maintain the membership. So, you'd be able to continue using 1Password 6 for Mac today (i.e. end the trial) AND when 1Password 7 is released, there would be no additional charge nor hassle for you: just download the new version and carry on!

    If you'd like to try out a 1password.com membership, you can head over to the main 1Password sign-up page and create a free 30-day trial account. Anytime during your trial, you can enter payment details in the Billing section, and you'll be set to go. And it's easy to migrate your existing, local 1Password data to your account. Just let us know if you have any questions!

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