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How to use (or ignore) 2 part logins

I have looked on the forum but cannot see any questions that tell me what I want to know.

In the UK, especially, a lot of financially oriented sites want a 2 stage login but not 2FA.
Normally they require a username and then a full password. Once this is successfully entered another window requests a selection of characters from the 'security information' which is, in effect, a second password. This is often presented as selections from dropdown boxes.
Another alternative is to have a hardware key that generates a code, much like a 2FA application.
I have tried a couple of other password managers and none can handle this. I have had everything from wrong data entered in the boxes to continual requests to update details etc. Of course, the net result is that you remove the most important sites from the password manager app!
Ideally the password manager should ignore this 2nd request and let the user enter the data.
What does 1Password do in this case?

I have not yet downloaded or tried 1Password for this reason as this affects all of my most sensitive logins.
Hopefully you will have an answer

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  • littlebobbytableslittlebobbytables
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    Greetings @Colins2,

    One aspect of 1Password's behaviour worth noting is it only ever fills a page when instructed by the user so you won't ever have 1Password attempt to interact with a page unless you have first initiated filling. So you won't have to worry about 1Password filling fields that you didn't want it to. With that said, 1Password also does not have a way of filling the kind of pages that you're referring to. Instead we have some called Large Type, where you can display a password on the screen with each character annotated with its index. You can do this in a way where it will stay on the screen as you interact with the page in the browser. It means you manually fill the page but 1Password can help to identify the character you're looking for while still allowing you to use a complex password. I know all of this from personal experience as I too am based in the UK and experience the very same thing with all of my financial sites. This thread, Logging into UK bank account websites, should give you an idea of how 1Password will work. If you have any questions please do ask :smile:

  • Colins2Colins2
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    Greetings to you @littlebobbytables

    Thanks for the quick reply, that answers my question perfectly.
    I specifically do not want any manager to try and fill in the drop-down boxes so I will give 1Password a try.

    Thanks :)

  • AGAlumBAGAlumB
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    @Colins2: Glad lil bobby was able to help! Another cool thing about 1Password is that you can disable autosubmit for an individual login item if you know that you'll need to select/enter something else on the page before signing in (this can help with CAPTCHAs too, for example). 1Password also won't mess with stuff you haven't saved in the login (or that you removed), so there's no need to worry that it will be trying to do something you haven't set it up to do. Cheers! :)

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