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A while ago I added some documents into 1Password and set a link inside an entry. Maybe it is a year ago. Today I realized, that this documents (but not all) in the documents folder are doubled, but not in the linked entry.
So I moved every 2nd entry to the trash folder and later I cleaned/deleted the trash entries.
So now I have each document once in the documents folder, but the links at the entry are gone. I had to set new links to the documents.
At the end everything is fine again, but what have I done wrong, that some document were doubled? Every detail (also date, name,...) where the same.
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  • Lars
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    @Philipp - I can't say without having been there -- especially as you've now deleted these items -- but it sounds to me as if you attached the documents two or more times. When you create a document, you can Link Existing or Add New File. Documents are never just doubled, because each one has a separate UUID. That would mean if you had two copies, they would have two separate UUIDs, which can't happen on its own. I'm sorry for the confusion, but that's the only reason I can think of why you might have such duplication (unless you did it via importing from other data sources).

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