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Hello, guys! Have an emergency case. I have a paid subscription with 1Password and vainly trying to use the app on my computer as I lost my phone. I can't get a Security Code and your service doesn't see my email address as registered with you! Help me out please

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ref: AXA-41457-563


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    Hi @Karimen23 and welcome to the forum – I'm sorry it's not in happier circumstances!

    With a 1Password account all your data is encrypted using both your Master Password and Secret Key (both known only to you and never sent to or stored on our servers), so we're unable to provide or reset either of these for you. However, there are a couple of things to try…

    Do you happen to have the Emergency Kit for your account? If you signed up in a browser, you would have been asked to save it and write your Master Password in the space provided. I'd suggest checking your Downloads folder or somewhere else you may have stored it safely on your computer or in hard copy.

    You'll also find information on some options and alternatives to try in the event of a forgotten Master Password or Secret Key in the following support articles – well worth a read, if you've not already, as they may save you starting completely from scratch:

    I see you've written in to us on email as well, so let's continue the conversation there – this will allow us to discuss specifics of your account if need be. Thanks!

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