Credit Cards data not fill on 80% russian sites

I tried fill data of credit cards on many sites, but usual only CSV field is filled. I can't send you url of this sites, because form of pay is temporary. What do you need to check this problem? Maybe I will send you code of this pages?

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    @Spn13: Honestly it sounds like we may have trouble matching credit card field names in Russian. While the link to the specific payment session won't work, if you'll give me the URLs to a few of the main sites, I can try to add items to the cart and checkout myself to try to reproduce the issue and see what we can do to improve 1Password. Thanks in advance! :)

  • @brenty Ok, when I have a problem, I will post urls to this topic.

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    Sounds good. Well be here! :):+1:

  • Hello.

    This is example - You can order anything and try to pay by card.

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    Hi @Spn13,

    Thank you for that example. Looking at the page I see it's back by the site so once we improve compatibility that should help with any other sites that also use that same payment processor. Keep the examples coming :smile:

    ref: xplatform/filling-issues#195

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