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Setting up 1Password with a new vault [must reinstall]

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Is it possible to open two vaults located in Dropbox? If not what's the method to flip over to a different vault?
I copied my v4 vault into a new location and then upgraded that with the Windows beta, but my Android app is still pointing to the v4 vault.

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  • crommcromm
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    Figured out that I had to uninstall the app. Picked the v7 vault on the reinstall. Kudos for the sync speed, it's much much faster on the initial sync vs a agilekeychain vault

  • AGAlumBAGAlumB
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    Sorry for the confusion there, but I'm glad you were able to sort it out. Indeed, if you're converting to OPVault the only way to point 1Password for Android to the new vault in Dropbox is to reinstall the app. We're working on streamlining that on Android though, and also getting guides ready for others who'll be doing the same thing once the new Windows app is finished. Thanks for bringing this up! :)

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