Why not use Touch ID or Face ID on iPhone to unlock 1Password Vault on Windows/MacOS

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Why not use Touch ID or Face ID on iPhone (or any other safe biometric technology) to unlock 1Password Vault on Windows/Mac browser, where 1Password Vault password has already been used at least one time?

Frankly speaking 1Password operate with same logic on iPhone (you can write password OR use Touch ID or Face ID to unlock), so it would be nice when you need to access Vault to fill password on your PC/Mac you can pass biometric check from your smartphone and computer unlock automatically (without writing the password).


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  • Ben

    Hi @shodan78,

    It is an idea that has been discussed. Lars responded to one such request here:

    Request Feature: Use Touch ID/Face ID on iPhone to unlock 1Password on macOS. — AgileBits Support Forum

    In short until / unless further from Apple becomes available in this regard it likely isn’t going to be feasible. Thanks for the suggestion.


  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User]
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    Sorry for posting on an old topic @Ben but what about just generic API for biometric devices? Something like "Place your finger on your biometric device" and then you do, and it registers that you touched it, then remembers?

  • Hi @dfontaine ,

    We need to consider not only the functionality it provides, but the security of the feature as well. This is something we'd very much like to provide, but we have to make sure it is secure before we do so.


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