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We're a small team that's responsible for the 1Password command-line tool, as well as the 1Password SCIM Bridge. The SCIM Bridge powers the Azure AD and Okta integrations in 1Password Business, and it shares a lot of code with op. In fact... look at the release notes for v0.3 and v0.4 of op and you'll notice that a lot of the enhancements there are actually SCIM features. If you don't know what SCIM is, that's just fine, nor did I a year ago (it's pretty damn cool though).

We have a roadmap for both of these tools and we'd love for them to move faster. We're hoping that you can help us with that by joining our team.

About AgileBits

AgileBits is a Toronto-based company and most people who work here are remote (hello from Winnipeg). We get to work from home, and occasionally visit downtown Toronto for some ramen & meetings with the awesome people who work here. Sometimes Toronto isn't as sunny as we'd like though, so we take an annual cruise to help plan the next year. This is our dream job: working on tough problems with smart people for the best customers in the world.

What you might do

  • Implement new commands and enhancements to existing ones.
  • Squash bugs that I left in the code.
  • Track down and fix issues on the server-side.
  • Write documentation so that all of our platforms can perform tasks consistently.
  • Work with various directory services (Okta, etc...) to understand what our customers are using and how they tie into 1Password.
  • Help new and existing users via email or on our forum (this place right here).

What you have

  • Admiration for team effort. Solo Ninjas, Jedis, and Rockstars need not apply: We work together.
  • A passion for automation and integrations (the connecting kind, not the calculus kind).
  • Familiarity with command-line conventions of modern Unix-like platforms, and common tools used on those.
  • Excitement for the unknown, always ready to learn something new.
  • A penchant for clean code that's easy to read.
  • A thorough understanding of how networking works. When you hear the word "header" do you think HTTP, or soccer (sorry... football)?

What you might also have

  • Server-side development experience. Knowing what's at the other end of a request is really helpful.
  • Experience with the Go programming language. It's certainly nice, but not required. Show us that you have a great understanding of any modern programming language and we'll trust that you'll learn Go just fine.
  • Knowledge of those hip new tools like Docker.

If that sounds like you

Does this sound like it's for you? Email us at ROT13([email protected]) and tell us about what you’ve been building, why you’d like to contribute to op, and where you think we should take it in the future.



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