1PasswordX - Sign in to websites with username and password split across multiple pages

I just found this interesting tutorial to sign in to websites with username and password split across multiple pages (https://support.1password.com/create-multi-page-login/), however, it is only available for Mac and Windows.

Does someone have the tutorial to do it on 1PasswordX??

1Password Version: 1PasswordX 1.6.4
Extension Version: 1PasswordX 1.6.4
OS Version: Linux Mint 18
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • dtearedteare Agile Founder

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    Great question, @k4ch0. You're right, that is an interesting tutorial. We don't have a corresponding one for 1Password X. At least not yet anyway.

    At the moment the only real trick to using 1Password X on sign in pages with multiple steps is the 1Password icon will not appear on the first page that asks solely for your username. On this initial page you'll need to open the popup from the toolbar and fill from there. Once on the second page with that password you should be shown the inline menu.

    As for creating your login in the first place you can select New Item from the popup and select Login. From there you can enter the username, password, and URL for the website.

    Please give that a go and let us know how it turns out.

    Take care, 👋


  • Hi @dteare,

    Thank you for the response, however seems like there is another issue, due the username and password are marked as passwords.
    Theres anothe option to accomplish the same task?

  • brentybrenty

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    @k4ch0: Do you mean the website is treating both fields as "password" fields? Can you elaborate on the trouble you're having, and share the URL so we can test it here? Thanks!

  • Hi @brenty!

    Indeed, both fields are treating as "password" fields.
    The site that I'm trying to configure is: https://bancanet.banamex.com/MXGCB/JPS/portal/Index.do

    It is a Mexican Bank.

    The whole process is:

    • I enter my username (Número de cliente) [marked as password]
    • I do click on Enter (Entrar)
    • I enter my password ( Clave de acceso) [marked as password]
    • I'm on the protected bank site.
  • daltondalton

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    That's interesting, @k4ch0! I wasn't able to get past the username field since I don't have an account with that bank, but 1Password X did seem to fill correctly with the Login I created. If you create a new Login on 1Password.com with your username, password, and the bank's URL, does 1Password X fill the username and password fields correctly? Oddly enough, since the username field is labeled as type="password", the inline menu icon does show up there.

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