Recreation of personal vault/master password via new online account (from iOS pro/local vault)?

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Hi awesome 1Password dude’s/dudette’s,

Its been a while crocadile/esses, but’s that’s becuase there’s rarely anything wrong with 1P (for me anyway) and thus I've just been getting on with things unhindered by naughty digital bugs (pesky little varmints that they are)! Anyway, I have some questions in relation to 1P; specifically regarding wanting to install 1P on my gorgeous new sparkly PC workstation (lovingly built by moi for literally an eternity) which is upset currently as it desperately needs special Canadian 1P magical pixie dust sprinkling over it so that it can feel complete in life (achieved via upgrading my current iOS standalone Pro license to a shiny new futuristic online 1P subscription so that I can access everything in Windows 10 Pro 64 too from herein)! Yayyyy! :P

However, there’s something I've been wanting to resolve for an insane amount of time (see below), and from what I understand this online cloud based subscription license transition could be the perfect time to do it! Thus (hopefully) I’d like to recreate my vault anew along with a brand new (sophisticated yet fun) to remember master password (during the shift/migration)! I realise you can change your master password anytime but there’s the technical/philasophical caveat detailed below (full explanation of which is further sub-nested in time) but as I'm OCD about doing eveything right (especially when it comes to security etc):

I remember at the time of writing it was an involved complicated affair (not for the feint hearted 1P initiate) that specifically required the use of a desktop computer (PC or Mac) and basically couldn't be achieved on iOS alone. However, you mentioned that in future versions it may become an easier procedure as the software evolves (you hoped at least). Anyway, I only know what little I can understand of how the new online subscription thingy works by piecing together discussion of it these last few days (as I haven't begun the migration process as yet) mainly because I wanted to get your advice in advance of signing up.

However it seems that you get an opportunity to create a new online cloud based vault that doesn't refer to your local iCloud based vault on iOS anymore or use iCloud to sync (unless you want it to that is via election) and thus my new online account shouldn't theoretically refer to this existing vault anymore either (and neither should the new master password/keychain generation that its necessary to produce in the migration process) which should mean you ultimately get to achieve what’s outlined above (e.g new vault | keychain | master password containing existing persal data) merely through the act of ‘upgrading’ to an online account (but without the complex technical spaghetti of exporting | importing | migrating data etc... hopefully)! :O

However I could just be a vastly confused bunny, so in the first instance I just wanted to check if any of the assumptions above are true? Naturally, your help and support or advice on this matter is vastly appreciated regardless (as always)! Best wishes :)

_1Password Version: 7.0.6
_Extension Version: 70006002
_OS Version: iOS 11.3
_Sync Type: iCloud


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    Hi @MagicalUnicorn

    Congrats on finishing the new build. :) I have some good news. The magical Canadian pixie dust that is 1Password membership solves this for you. When you create a membership account the vaults, encryption keys, and Master Password for that are all entirely independent of your existing setup. As such when you go through the migration process your data will be re-encrypted using the encryption keys of the new account.

    The only way to do this down the road, i.e. if you encounter this situation again, is to go through account recovery. Account recovery is only available with 1Password Families and 1Password Teams or 1Password Business accounts that have multiple organizers / administrators:

    Recover accounts for family or team members

    Going through recovery causes items to be re-encrypted.

    I hope that helps!


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    Hi @Ben,

    Thanks for your awesome reply, man... that magical Canadian pixie dust (AKA 1P Membership) has secret mystical powers that even this ‘now-happily-trotting-around-in-circles-nayying’ unicorn can’t even comprehend; but I should have known 1P would magically make my problems go away - yayyy! :) Brilliant, well in that case I’m going to contemplate my new master password this afternoon (using 1P) and then set up a shiny new ‘1P Membership’ account this evening and begin learning its secret ways (while not to mention introducing its magic to my new workstation which is glowing in anticipation)! No more vastly confused bunnies... just extremely happy ones hopping around in the fresh spring meadows chasing butterflies! Thanks for all your brilliant help and support which is very much appreciated!

    Best wishes,

    MagicalUnicorn :)

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    You’re most welcome. Glad to hear that’ll help. :) Best of luck with it and if we can help further please let us know.


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