Is it possible to have 1Password open multiple pages at once? (e.g. 1 click to open 5 fav websites)

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There are certain websites I like to check often - for example, all my bank accounts each Sunday. Is there a way to set up a group of logins, so that with 1 click, 1Password could open them all at once? At the moment, it requires me to use the 1Password mini app to open one, then the next, then the next - clicking back into the launcher each time. It is a lot of repetitive clicking, which I would rather avoid, if possible!

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  • AGAlumB
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    @jarra_tt: It isn't possible for the 1Password app to open multiple websites at once; that's all handled by the OS, which uses your default browser. But perhaps that's something that will be possible in the future. Thanks for the suggestion! :)

  • sjk
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    Hi @jarra_tt,

    Maybe brenty misunderstood what you're wanting to do, or maybe it's me who does? :)

    Either way, here's something that might help:

    1. Open and unlock 1Password.
    2. Select multiple Login items in the item list.
    3. Pick one these actions:
      • Right-click any of the selected items to open the context menu and choose Fill Login in Browser.
      • Choose Fill Login in Browser from the Item menu.
      • Press the Option-Command-Return keyboard shortcut (for Fill Login in Browser).

    Depending on which versions of 1Password (app/extension) and browsers you're using, that should open a new default browser window/tab for each selected Login item and attempt filling on those pages.


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