Watchtower - Stay in category after edit?

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Hi !

I am currently editing 100+ items in Watchtower (hopefully, just old logins missing the https in the URL).
Would it be possible (and would it make sense) that the focus stays in Watchtower after an item had been edited? Right now when I save modifications, the focus follows the item and I'm taken to the logins category.

On the other side I understand why the item being edited keeps the focus. But it's really tedious when you need to edit many, many items successively from the same category.

Maybe this should be a global preference?

1Password Version: Version 7.0 (70000019)


  • MrC
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    I agree. The item should remain in the current category, until Save is pressed. And then it should be moved, and the next item in the current list should be selected.

  • AGAlumB
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    Thank you both for the feedback, and your patience. I also think it would be helpful to keep the focus in Watchtower. I'll share this with the team. :)

    ref: apple-1105

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