"op encode" doesn't accept file redirection

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Assume I have some data in a file called "file".

The following works fine: cat file | op encode.

However, the following fails as follows:

% op encode <file
[LOG] 2018/05/24 12:27:56 (ERROR) No input found in pipe

It also fails in the same way if I just do an op encode with the intention of manually entering the text in the terminal followed by an EOF.

Is there any way that op encode can be fixed so that it accepts text from stdin, no matter whether it's a file, a tty, or a pipe?

PS: note that the op encode --help usage message states that input can come from stdin ...

Usage: op encode

Input to be encoded will be read from stdin
Output will be base64url encoded bytes of the input string

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    I'm hopeful that op encode will just go away and that instead we find a better way to do things that doesn't require that at all.


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