Transition from 1pwd 6 on Mac OS dropbox sync of agilechain to 1pwd 7 account

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Current state

  • Macbook 1pwd 6 sync via dropbox agilekeychain
  • two iOS devices 1pwd 7 sync to same dropbox agilekeychain

Desired state

  • iMac running 1pwd 7 with family account
  • Macbook transitioned to family account
  • two iOS devices transitioned to family account

So: what is the proper sequence to make sure we can get the agilekeychain file in dropbox into the new family account?

I've read quite a few posts and kb articles and still not sure how this is done smoothly.
Feel like it might have to do with creating a local vault and sync'ing it to the existing dropbox agilekeychain but this does not seem obvious and I'm worried that I might convert the existing file and then lose access on the current devices (MacBook and iPhones).

Please help ;)


1Password Version: Mac OS 1pwd 6, iOS 1pwd 7, iMac ipwd 7
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: MacBook 10.11.6 iPhones 11.3.1 iMac 10.13.4
Sync Type: dropbox (now) (to-be)


  • Corey_C
    edited May 2018

    Hi there @pcerrato1pwdsupport

    Family memberships have nothing to do with Dropbox or any other 3rd-party sync service. They use our own built-in 1Password sync service. What you need to do to transfer your data over to your new membership by following our Migration Guide. Follow those instructions on your Mac to migrate your data over to your 1Password account. Then you can add your devices to the account and all shall be good.

    If you have troubles along the way, let us know. :)

    ref: TUM-84923-224

  • pcerrato1pwdsupport
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    so i made some progress almost by accident ;)

    on the macbook i determined that we can't run 1pwd7 (2009 macbook stuck at OS 10.11)

    then i logged into our new 1pwd account in safari and it asked me if i wanted to bring the account vaults into 1pwd6 so i said yes and poof the agilekeychain syncd to dropbox was copied over to the new private vault !!

    then i added the account to our iphones

    i am keeping the old primary vault around until im sure its all working but i made sure the new private vault is what comes up first and is where new items are created

    so it all worked super smooth . . .

    wish there had been a clear kb article stating how simply logging in on safari to the 1pwd acct would do the import and copy perfectly

    thanks to the team for building a great system!

  • AGAlumB
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    Likewise, thanks for your support and feedback! Glad to hear that you're up and running, but we're here if you need us. :)

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