1password will not fill in Santander bank login user ID but does fill in password

1PW will not fill in the login for my Santander bank (URL below). It does NOT work in 2 cases; (1) I'm already in the Firefox Santander URL screen and right-click to have the browser fill it in, or if (2) I initiate the browser open and login from 1PW itself by selecting the existing website URL within 1PW.

I'm wondering if the structure/layout of the Santander page itself is confusing 1PW. Their page has a separate "login" button that must be pressed to expose the login ID field. The password entry is on a different page (after user ID is filled in).

Oddly enough, 1PW will fill in the password field but just not the user ID field.

This seems to be the only site that I have problems with.


1Password Version: 7.0.1 (70001002)
Extension Version:
OS Version: OS X 10.13.4
Sync Type: icloud


  • Hi @kenj,

    1Password is struggling to correctly identify the right field for the username so we'll need to manually help it.

    1. Create a new Login item from inside the main 1Password window.
    2. Set the appropriate title, your username and password and the URL to https://www.santanderbank.com/us/home.
    3. Click the View Saved Form Details button.
    4. Replace the username field label username with entrada.alias.
    5. Replace the password field label password with entrada.pwd.
    6. Save.

    Do you find this item properly fills both pages of the multi-login form?

  • Yes, but qualified yes. I created a new login item as directed. If I initiate the login from 1PW main window by clicking the website URL, the main home page shows up but the login subwindow is not shown (and the username field within that is not filled in). If I select the "Login" button within the Santander page (so the login subwindow is shown), the username field is empty. If I right-click within that username field, select the new 1PW login item, it fills in the username field correctly.

    So, unlike other login sites where the username field is filled in after being initiated (i.e. web URL launched w/in 1PW), that method does not work for Santander, maybe because it's a login subwindow and not visible within the main window.

    Also (FYI), I first tried to modify (per your instructions) my existing Santander 1PW login item (instead of creating a new one) but that did not work at all. I had to create a new login item, which seemed odd but acceptable.

    Thank you @littlebobbytables for the help.


  • Greetings @kenj,

    So you're spot on as to why open-and-fill isn't working. It requires the field exists after the page has loaded. Some sites will have the field present but hidden and you might find 1Password fills it even though it wasn't visible. If the page dynamically creates the field though we can't fill it until you've interacted with the page first.

    As to why modifying your previous item didn't work there is a reason for it. 1Password takes several approaches to filling and by creating the Login item from inside the main 1Password window we enable a certain approach. We limited its use to this scenario because we couldn't easily tell what would happen if we released it into the wild and so we took the cautious approach. It's very useful as a backup when normal filling fails but does require a level of understanding about HTML and the page in question so it's probably a power user feature for those that are happy digging about a page.

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