Open and Fill Not Working Consistently for 1Password 7.0.1 for Mac

I've tried to search to see if I could find reference to this issue in the formum, but I haven't been successful, so here goes:

I'm having trouble understanding how Open and Fill from the main 1P7 application for Mac works (or doesn't). It certainly is different from 1P6. My default browser if Firefox, and I am running version 60.0.1 with the 1Password extension ( installed.

If Firefox is closed completely with ⌘q and I click "open and fill" from within a Login record in the 1Password main application, Firefox starts up, opens a window on the desktop and the proper login page opens, but my credentials do not fill the proper boxes for username and password. The page sits there, awaiting a username and password.

If Firefox is running and is open with a window on the desktop, and then I click "open and fill," the proper web page opens as a new tab and the credentials are properly filled and are submitted. (This seems to me like it should always be how it works.)

If 1Password is dismissed with the red dot, this results in all pages closing, but FF remains active, as shown by the dot below its icon in the dock. That is normal FF behavior. If I then click "open and fill" in the main 1P7 application, nothing happens. No window opens.

If I minimize FF (yellow dot) to the dock, and then click "open and fill," noting happens, until I reopen the minimized FF. Then, and only then, does the proper web page open, the credentials are correctly filled, and are submitted.

This is maidenly inconsistent and completely different from what I've been used to in 1Password version 6.x. Is this really how this is supposed to work now? If it isn't, what am I doing wrong?

(None of this has been dependent on specific web sites. It's how it works everywhere I've tested.)

1Password Version: 7.0.1
Extension Version:
OS Version: macOS 10.13.4
Sync Type: 1Password Account


  • Hi @hawkmoth,

    The open-and-fill feature has changed for 1Password 7 and we haven't ironed all the kinks out yet. The one I'm definitely aware we need to resolve is if the browser is running but has no active window. There we don't work as we should but I can at least say we do know.

    We do differ where the browser isn't running at all though. In my own tests I see the page open and then it fills. I wonder if we're bumping into a timing issue where depending on how long something takes maybe it results in different behaviour. I'll have to ask one of the 1Password for Mac developers to see if we can figure that out.

    The one I hadn't even thought to test was with a minimised window and now that you've mentioned it I can reproduce the behaviour.

    So why has this happened? The old open-and-fill approach was to pass a URL to the operating system and let it do its thing. That would, without any further effort on our part, cause the desired behaviour e.g. reveal a minimised window, open new window and so on. Now open-and-fill is direct communication between 1Password and the browser and there are certain cases where we need to add some more checks and force certain things to happen. Some people weren't happy that passing a URL meant tacking 1Password specific stuff to the URL and there was an argument for it being not a great approach. The new way doesn't do this and does't reveal 1Password is even present if the extension is missing.

    I do find Firefox isn't the most nimble of browsers so can you check something for me please. If you temporarily set Safari as your default browser do you possibly find open-and-fill when Safari isn't running does see open-and-fill complete in full after Safari launches? It might help build up the case of it being a timing issue.

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    If I set Safari as my default browser, clicking on "open and fill" in the 1P7 main application does open Safari. It comes with a tab containing my default home page and a second tab for the target web site login page. There is a fairly long pause, but the credentials do eventually fill correctly and those credentials are submitted. The target web site opens correctly with me logged in. So perhaps there is a timing issue. It's glacially slow to work in Safari, but completely frozen in Firefox.

    You didn't ask, but:

    If Safari is closed (click red dot) and remains active in the dock (black dot showing under its icon), clicking "open and fill" brings up a window for the web page I want to log in to, and after a longer-than-I'm-used-to delay, the credentials are filled and submitted successfully. This delay doesn't seem as long to me as when I begin with Safari completely closed down. But I have not actually timed either delay.

    If Safari is minimized to the dock (click yellow dot) and I click "open and fill" in 1P7, nothing happens, but if I then maximize Safari back to the desktop, it comes up with a tab containing the login page showing. The credentials are sitting there, filled into the proper fields. However, the credentials do not submit. I have to manually click the button on the web page to submit the credentials.

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    @littlebobbytables -

    I was reminded to check the behavior of Firefox after updating to 1Password 7.04. Things aren't yet working correctly, but they are different from my earlier report with 7.01.

    If I click "open and fill" from a record in 1P7 when Firefox is completely closed, 1P causes Firefox to open and place a window on the desktop. two tabs open, one for my default homepage and a second for the expected login page. However, no credentials populate the login fields and nothing further happens.

    If I dismiss Firefox with the red dot and then click "open and fill," nothing happens. Firefox remains in the dock and no window opens to the desktop. Focus does shift away from 1Password, but it isn't clear what comes into focus. When I reopen Firefox, it shows my default homepage only. The expected second tab for the login page does not appear.

    If I minimize Firefox to the dock (yellow dot) and click "open and fill," nothing happens. But when I maximize Firefox, a tab is open for the login page and then I see the credentials fill and they are correctly submitted. I log in successfully. There isn't a noticeable delay.

    Firefox still shows itself to be version 60.0.1. The 1P7 extension is also still on the same version,

    Although I typically open a login page and use ⌘\ to fill my credentials, I have one regular notice from a bank that contains a link that won't open a web page window when I click on it. I've been using "open and fill" from 1Password to access this particular site. But this behavior is not related to any particular site; it's just that the problem exposed it self because of this oddity.

    Edit: Things are different with Safari. Although things are very slow, Safari seems always eventually to open and fill correctly. If Safari is minimized (yellow dot), open and fill doesn't automatically show an open window on the desktop, though. I have to manually maximize it from the dock, in which case the login page is already open. Credentials are only filled (slowly) once Safari's windows appear on the desktop, though.

  • @hawkmoth.

    I haven't forgotten about you. I think the best thing to do is wait for the main fix for when the browser is running but doesn't have an active window. Then let's see what isn't cured with that fix and try and figure out why.

    ref: apple-1113

  • Hi @artemsyd,

    Due to the security checks that 1Password performs and that both the Mac App Store and AgileBits Store version from our site are sandboxed, the 1Password application bundle and the browser must reside in the system-wide /Applications/ folder. If either is located anywhere other than there the security check cannot take place and 1Password will refuse to work. They can be located in a subfolder of /Applications/ but only that location is allowed by the security framework we must use when sandboxed.

  • The inability of 1Password 7 to open the default browser from Open and Fill continues to be the main reason I have advised other family members to wait to upgrade from version 6. My installation is in the proper Applications folder.

    If the browser is up and in the foreground, Open and Fill does open a new window and submit credentials.

    I guess this must be a difficult issue.

  • Hi @hawkmoth,

    While it isn't fixed yet, my constant nagging has managed to obtain a solid promise to try and get this finally fixed. Obviously I can't make any promises but I really do hope we'll soon be seeing the end of this and you can finally be in a position where you feel comfortable recommending 1Password 7. Fingers crossed!

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