How to hide "related passwords" section in browser extension?

I am trying to figure out how to hide the 'related passwords' section in the browser extension.

I use 1Password exension to login to customer website sites, each customer site has a different subdomain (e.g.,, etc.).

In the past when I opened the browser extension to select the account to login with I would see the specific logins available for that domain, plus a section that said 'related passwords' that was hidden, but I could expand that if needed.

Seems like with the new update I now always see the 'Related passwords' section and there is no way to hide it, or disable it.

When working/demoing our software with customers and logging in I do not want them to see the other customers we work with, this is easy to decipher by looking at the sub-domain.

So is it possible to hide/disable the 'related passwords' section, or can I force 1Password extension to only show exact matches?

Or, is there a way to revert back to the old extension (I looked but did not see how to do this)?


1Password Version: 1Password 7 Version 7.0.1 (70001002) AgileBits Sto
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OS Version: macOS 10.13.4
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  • Greetings @jmb173,

    With the standard extension, the one available at Browsers - 1Password, all UI (User Interface) comes from 1Password itself. So reverting to an older version of the extension won't help here I'm afraid.

    Currently there is no way to disable or hide sections in the new 1Password mini from 1Password 7. I suspect your best option when wanting to demonstrate would be to create a demo vault that contains just the items you will need to use. Have that vault preselected in 1Password and when you access 1Password mini only those items will be visible. You will likely find that the related section disappears once you have only the limited vault selected as nothing fits into that category as 1Password will hide a section if its empty.

    You can create new vaults from the sidebar and if you have a 1Password account it's quite easy to add and delete quickly (standalone vaults have the extra step of needing a password).

    Could this be a possible solution for your needs?

  • Thanks for the reply and your well-described workaround. But for now I think our best option is to stay on 1Password 6, and the corresponding browser extension.

    I've downgraded back to v6 and things seems to be ok again.

    Maybe we will revisit upgrading if this is resolved in a future version, for now we will stick with 1Password6.

  • Hi @jmb173,

    Of course returning to 1Password 6 is an option available to you. Given we don't perceive the new behaviour as a bug it is unlikely that it will change. Some of the design decisions have been contentious and we may revisit some of them but there has also been a lot of demand for 1Password to not do exactly what you want it to in hiding the related matches behind a menu option. The future is fluid though :smile:

  • isometryisometry
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    The current behaviour is appropriate in the consumer context, but is utterly broken in a professional context (e.g. 1P for Business). Related passwords along with the new behaviour of always selecting the last used entry when re-triggering the extension having browsed to a new site under the same domain are a productivity killer. Please add the option for exact matching only!

  • brentybrenty

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    Thanks for the feedback. We don't have plans to do that currently since, as you alluded, most people are not using 1Password in that context. But it's something we'll continue to evaluate going forward. :)

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