Chrome extension doesn't show "large type" in foreground any more

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Some more "improved" behaviour in 7.x

Prior to 7.x if I needed to login to a site that asks for characters X, Y, and Z from my password, I'd simply go to the chrome plugin, select "Large Type" and it would be open in the foreground over the Chrome window.

With 7.x it seems I have to click lots more times to get to the same place, and then 1Password opens the "large type" on the main desktop so I have to "swipe" out of Chrome to see them - more work.

I also now have two "large type" passwords which have windows that I can't close and that don't die even if I quite 1Password completely.

How is this supposed to be an improvement?

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  • Hi @musicwallaby,

    Are you running 1Password for Mac 7.0.2? A fix went in to 7.0.2 to address the large type windows hanging around. Let me know if that helps.

  • musicwallaby
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    Thank you, yes I am now so we'll see. Is there a way to make the large type window come up in the foreground when an app like Chrome is maximised? It used to.

  • ag_andrew
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    Good question, I just tested it and you're right, the large type window hides behind full screen app. I've filed the issue as {apple-issues#1479}; keep an eye on the release notes so you'll know we've squashed it.

    ref: apple-1479

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