1password extension blocks saving a cookie (access code) when I log onto a particular site.

I use Firefox (60.0.1) on my Mac Book Pro to log on to schwab.com. Schwab's new security feature let's me acquire a security code and ask the site to remember my device so that I don't have to go through the security code acquisition process again when I log on from the Mac Book Pro. When the 1Password extension is enabled, the Schwab cookie is not set and I have to go through the process every time I log on. When the 1Password extension is disabled, the cookie is properly saved and I go straight to my chosen page every time I log on. Why does 1Password interfere in this process? Is there a setting in 1Password that I need to change? BTW, the 1Password extension is the only extension that runs on my system.

1Password Version: 6.8.8
Extension Version:
OS Version: OS X 10.13.4
Sync Type: Not Provided
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  • Greetings @sylvia_chelseagrp,

    The extension doesn't try to interact with cookies in any shape or form so I cannot give you an explanation. Is the site displaying an error message at all?

  • Thanks for the reply. No, there is no error message. It lets me log in successfully and confirms that my device is now trusted. It's just that the "trust status" is not saved to the site cookie when the extension is enabled. But it IS saved if the extension is disabled.

  • Hi @sylvia_chelseagrp,

    I do not have a Schwab account so I am very limited in what testing I can do, especially as this form seems to be a second layer, one only accessible after providing the initial username and password.

    1. When you say the trust status is not saved to the site cookie is this based on observing the behaviour of the site or are you going as far as viewing the saved cookie?
    2. When the trust status is not saved, are you using 1Password to fill the first screen? Does the same behaviour present itself if you have the extension enabled but manually log in using copy and paste?
    3. Do you observe the same results if you use a different browser e.g. Safari if you use Chrome or Firefox?
  • brentybrenty

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    @sylvia_chelseagrp: I'm a Schwab customer, so I'll be happy to test this if lil bobby needs me to...but I have to say, I've never had an issue like this. Does it only happen in Firefox? Definitely try it in Chrome and Safari. I use all three, but I do use those the most. I wonder if you simply have corrupt cookies or other website data, or have Firefox clearing something there. I new profile might help.

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