Latest version on Linux wants even more permissions

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I uninstalled after the last update because it's asking for yet another set of permissions that seem unnecessary. Looking closely, there are a number of permissions that seem like they shouldn't be there:

  • Read and change your bookmarks
  • Manage your downloads
  • Manage your apps, extensions and themes

Why are these necessary and is there any way these permissions could be configurable?

Extension Version: 1.8.4
OS Version: Chrome Browser on Linux


  • Mitch
    edited June 2018

    Hi @stolen,

    Sorry about the permission prompt you saw today. It was triggered by adding a staging server URL to the extension manifest. This URL should not have been added the public release, but it is harmless — it would just allow you to create an account on our test server.

    The permissions you're interested in have been in the extension for some time and make specific features possible:

    • Read and change your bookmarks. The Mac and Windows versions of 1Password allow you to create browser bookmarks to your items. We haven't yet added this feature to 1Password X, but we intend to because it's a natural fit.
    • Manage your downloads. 1Password X has the ability to download page information if we request diagnostic information. These downloads are always user-initiated. We also plan to add the ability to export data and download your Emergency Kit without going to
    • Manage your apps, extensions, and themes. This permission is used only to disable the classic 1Password browser extension if both are installed at the same time.

    Unfortunately, Google doesn't provide a way to turn on or off individual permissions for browser extensions. If that were the case, some permissions could be turned off if you didn't use those features (e.g. bookmarks). But others would break the extension completely (tabs).


  • stolen
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    Thanks for the explanation. It's too bad these things can't be done more granular. They're done a decent job with Android in this area (probably because OSS ROMs forced the issue) but definitely not with Chrome. Apps, extensions and themes are distinct objects that seem lumped together out of laziness. Anyway, I appreciate the quick response. I'll go ahead and put it back.

  • AGAlumB
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    Likewise, thanks for bringing this up! Maybe if Chrome OS and Android have a baby someday we'll get the best of both worlds. ;)

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