Downloaded V7 MAC, but can't get in. Have stand alone...not membership. How do I get access to V7?

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I downloaded V7 for Mac, and access to V6 went away completely. Have license, but not a membership. How to I get access to V7 and is my data lost?

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  • Stephen_C
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    1Password 7 is paid upgrade from previous versions if you are a standalone licence holder (as opposed to using AgileBits' subscription service). When you installed 1Password 7 the installation will have created for you, in your Applications folder, a zipped copy of your 1Password 6 installation so you have not lost anything. You thus have two choices:

    1. You can go ahead and buy a licence for 1Password 7 to get it out of read-only mode. If you look at the 1Password 7 menu, in 1Password 7, you should see an item that allows you to buy a licence.
    2. Alternatively, you can completely quit 1Password 7—using control + option + command + Q— then drag the 1Password 7 application file to the trash. After that simply unzip your 1Password 6 zipped installation from your Applications folder and you should be back with 1Password 6.


  • Niklas_Funk
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    Thanks Stephen.
    It helped a lot!

  • simonjean
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    I am so sorry that I am still confused.
    I have all of my data online and use 1Password on my iPhone X without problems. Until I downloaded the 1Password7 on my Mac, I was always able to access my passwords from the browser extension icon at the top of my screen. I can not understand how to sync the data that is in iCloud and accessed on my iPhone with the new 1Password7 on my Mac. I am very concerned that I may accidentally loose all of my passwords.

  • Jacob

    Hi @simonjean! I see you also emailed us so I'm going to respond to you there. :)

    ref: AXH-43431-988

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