'send a copy' does not work for Ubuntu (16.04)/Firefox or Chromium


We enabled the feature 'Send a copy' a while ago and lot my users are using it. One of them told me yesterday that she is not able to do it: She is using 1password in the web browser (by browsing to mycompany.1passwor.com) with Ubuntu 16.04 and Firefox 60.0.1 (64Bits). She even tried with her Chromium but it did not work either (she sees only 'duplicate' and 'print' when she click on the sharing icon).
To make thing more weird, i could not replicate the problem..i testes on my virtual Ubuntu machine with firefox 60.0.1(64Bits) and everything went as expected: I see 'send a copy' when i click on the sharing icon).

Do you see what the problem can be ?


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OS Version: Ubuntu 16.04
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  • MeekMeek

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    Hey @HassenHassen,

    In order to Send a copy, a user must have the Share Items permission to the vault containing that item. Depending on whether the user has access to the item directly or through a group, you'll need to update the permissions accordingly. The easiest way to do this is to:

    1. Sign into your account on the web.
    2. Click the People section in the sidebar on the right.
    3. Find the user in question and click on their name.
    4. If you see the vault containing the item in question listed under Vaults, then click the gear icon beside it and make sure Share Items is checked.
    5. If you don't see the vault listed, then the user must have access to it through a group. You'll need to figure out which group has access to that vault. At this point you can choose to give the entire group the Share Items permission, or if you'd only like to give this one user permission, then you can additionally give them access to the vault directly, with the appropriate permission. The absolute permissions they'll have will be the combined permissions through the group and directly.

    Let me know how that goes or if you have any more questions!

  • Thank you @Meek ! She is trying to share a note in her 'Private vault' and she did not have a shared vault enabled (only her private vault was enabled).
    Now that i added her to a shared vault with only another employee, she can share passwords from her private vault with anyone in the company (team).
    Is this an intended behavior ? Does my users needs have access to at least one shared vault (i can create a dummy one) in order to be able to 'send a copy' to whoever in theam they want to ?

    Thank you for you clarrifications!

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    Hi @HassenHassen,

    It might be easier to help you with this via email so that we can ask you questions whose answers you probably don't want on a public forum. Could you please email [email protected] about this and include a link to this forum thready. You should get an auto-reply nearly immediately with a ticket id from our support system. If you could post that ticket id on this thread that would help us find your email more quickly.



  • @rickfillion Here you Go [#YKF-68941-581]

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    Thanks. I've sent you some questions via email.


    ref: YKF-68941-581

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