Sharing account info but keeping authentication credentials seperate

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Hi, thanks for advice in advance.

As a family, we'd like to share a vault of account details so that all the important details in our life's are known. What we don't want is to share the authentication details of these accounts. Is there anyway to have a linked set of items in separate vaults? Or are we in the position that we need two different items in 1password which need separately kept up to date.

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  • JadC
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    Hi @eyelock, if you have a 1Password family account, you can use a shared vault to give certain members access to certain credentials. You can find out how to set up a shared vault here.

    Please let me know if you have anymore questions :smile:.

  • eyelock
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    Sorry for late reply JadC, thanks for reading the message.

    What you mention is not exactly what I wanted to do, I want two separate entities in different vaults but that have a link capability so I know my "Bank Account - Details" is linked to "Bank Account - Authentication".

    "Bank Account - Details" is in the shared vault for everyone to see, but "Bank Account - Authentication" is in my personal vault that only I can see/use.

  • Ben

    Thanks @eyelock. 1Password does not currently have this capability. There is no concept of linked items across vaults. That said, that is definitely an interesting concept and perhaps something we can implement in the future. Thanks for the feedback.


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