All items disappear from vault when re-syncing after Restore from Backup

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I have had a problematic upgrade from v6 to v7 on my Mac. I was using dropbox to sync 4 vaults and attempted to move them to the 1Password servers. I depend on many attachments in Secure Notes in two of my vaults. I began the migration with the first vault. All the attachments were disassociated from the secure notes after migrating. The other vaults that I did not migrate kept the attachments with the secure notes. Apparently, the 1Password servers don’t support this, where Dropbox does.

I attempted to move the vault back to dropbox, but had no success. Finally, I restored from a recent backup and all the Secure Notes had the attachments restored. However, they were on my Mac and not on Dropbox. I selected the vault and attempted to re-sync to dropbox. All items in the vault I moved to the 1Password servers disappeared. The vaults I never moved re-synced with no problem.

How do I re-sync the problematic vault back too dropbox?

1Password Version: 7
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 10.13.5
Sync Type: Dropbox


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    @nokin50: Is it related to this other discussion you started, or perhaps others? I'm having trouble keeping it all straight since you've opened at least 4 which seems to be about roughly the same thing. If so, it's best to keep the conversation going in a single place so we can not only better assist you, but do so more efficiently. When we're trying to cross reference all of this, it takes much more time to reply to you and everyone else. Please let me know where you're at.

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