macbooks stopped syncing with each other after upgrading to 1password7 using dropbox for the db file

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I have two personal macbooks that have been syncing with my password file stored on dropbox. After upgrading both of them to 1password7, I updated some credit card info on one macbook but it does not show up on the second macbook. I did notice that both macbooks under the preference file, sync do not have anything pointing the primary vault to dropbox. I don't know what this setting does and did not want to point it to dropbox as it asked to create some files. Please let me know if this is needed for my devices to be updated. Also, I have a iphone which is also not been updated with the new credit card info. Prior to upgrading to 1password7 from 1password6 everything worked fine. I do not have the new account and am using the standalone version of your software.
thank you for your assistance.

1Password Version: 7.04
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 10.13.4
Sync Type: dropbox
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  • Henry
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    Hi @Glallen53! On the MacBook with the most up to date data, start syncing to Dropbox following this guide. Then follow the same steps on your other devices.

    Let me know how that goes and I'm right here if you need any more help along the way. :)

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