The Extension wont update when i restart the browser?

After trying out different browsers some times items shows and sometimes nothing shows in the extensions, wish make me question the availability of the hole concept of 1password, i am going to try use this with my cellphone to see if i get the same results there!

I use Firefox as a Team user so i can share my passwords with 4 others, The extension works as i think it is intended when i don't restart my Firefox browser or keep the extension activated, Once its get in Idle mode and i have to reuse my password to login everything in the extension is removed except the names of the created vaults, every site in there shows in the program but not the extension, so put this simple it feels like the history cookies in a browser gets deleted on restart except on this extension when i need to reuse my password, Also the passwords i share don´t popup to my teams webbrowsers extensions except for Instagram but they show in the program, What are we doing wrong, when some items shows some of the times, except for Instagram that always shows ?

1Password Version: 7.1.567
Extension Version:
OS Version: w10
Sync Type:


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    Hi @Fredrik_SF,

    Thanks for reporting this. Do you recall if you're using 1Password X extension or the regular 1Password extension that requires the desktop program? The reason I ask is that 1Password X is a self-contained extension and wouldn't be connected to the desktop program at all.

    Please use this guide to generate the 1Password diagnostic report and email it to us at [email protected]. Also, in the email, include the link to this thread along with your forum username, so that we can connect the email to this thread.

    Let us know here when you've sent it, so we can confirm we got the email.

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