Issues saving and filling Frequent Flyer Login

If you navigate to, there is a "Log in" ribbon in the top right corner that allows you to login with your Qantas Frequent Flyer account. There are three fields required: Frequent Flyer Number, Surname, and PIN. I am able to save these fields via the "Save new Login" option in the Chrome extension, but 1Password does not fill the form correctly. It fills Frequent Flyer Number and PIN, but not Surname. It also does not identify the right submit button for logging in, and instead triggers a form below to auto-expand.

It is worth noting that there is another login form in the "Book a trip" section of the page that appears if you select the "Use points - Classic Flight Rewards only" radio option. When this is visible, 1Password again fills the Frequent Flyer Number and PIN but does not fill the Surname or auto-submit the form.

Is there a way I can manually specify the CSS selector for each field and the submit button in 1Password? Also, I am a developer on, so is there any way we can make the form easier for 1Password to recognise?

1Password Version: 6.8.9 (689001)
Extension Version:
OS Version: 10.12.3
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    Hi @steveharrison,

    Probably the easiest path here is to save a Login item using the dedicated sign-in page available at:

    You should find 1Password can reliably fill all three fields when using this form both for saving and filling.

    So why the trouble with the pop-up form on the homepage? There's two reasons.

    1. The extension touches the various fields thanks to some weird page designs out there. An example of this are sites that use a text field for the password until it's given focus, typically to mimic the now universally available placeholder attribute. Unfortunately when we do this the Qantas page reacts by closing one pop-up form and displaying another. It isn't an issue specific to the Qantas homepage and it's a trade-off between sites that use pop-ups and sites that do weird things with input fields.
    2. The Qantas page uses dynamically generated field IDs. We would fill all three fields except elsewhere on the page there are fields with IDs that change on each reload of the page. That throws off a key filling strategy which requires the page matches what was saved if 1Password is going to fill three or more fields. The dedicated page I linked to doesn't suffer the same issue so it works when the Login item is saved on that page. A dedicated sign-in page also allows 1Password's open-and-fill to work as well which is an added bonus.

    It is possible to create a Login item that will work on the homepage though if you wish. You would need to create a new Login item inside of the main 1Password window and you would manually add a third field to the web form details. The labels for the three fields in there should match either ideally the ID for the field on the page it should match to but the name of the field can also work if the ID isn't possible for any reason. This approach is limited to items created inside the main window as we wanted to limit when it was used. It's a power user feature given it requires understanding the underlying HTML so the limitation on what items it applies to ensures the strategy doesn't go on a rampage and annoy people. I hope that was helpful, let me know if you have questions arising from anything I've said.

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