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I hope you can help me.
I have a license for 1password 3, which I never upgraded (I know I should have) and I have been using it on a Mac with El Capitan and a Mac Book Pro with Sierra. My Mac Book Pro has been crashing and I need to replace it but in the meanwhile (I'm saving!) I have to use my old Mac with El Capitan.
With the last upgrades, the options of my 1password license have been limited and it's been quite a pain to use it and I'm not even sure it's that safe. I've been trying to upgrade it but it seems that I can't because my Mac runs on El Capitan.

What are my options to keep using 1password on my Mac with El Capitan? Even when I get a new Mac Book Pro, I will keep using my old Mac.
I read I can't use 1password 7 with El Capitan. If that is the case, is there a way for me to upgrade to the version 6 on this Mac?

I have been using 1password for years and I like it so I'd like to keep it and not switch to another password manager.

Many thanks for your help !


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    Welcome to the forum, @sov! Thanks for being a 1Password user for many years, you rock. :)

    I read I can't use 1password 7 with El Capitan.

    True. 1Password 7 for Mac requires macOS Sierra or higher to run. In fact, we have a complete list of system requirements for 1Password. If you're on El Capitan, you should be able to upgrade to version 6.x, which was fairly recently the newest version (until 7 was released). We actually have a great, step-by-step guide to upgrading from 1Password 3 for Mac available, so that's what I'd recommend you try. If your most-recent purchase of 1Password was all the way back in the 1Password 3 for Mac days, you may need to purchase an upgrade, but that will depend on when you purchased. Let me know if you have any questions or troubles with these instructions.

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