1Password 7 results in a much larger PDF "printout" than 1Password 6

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Five days ago, I installed 1Password 7.0.4 on my Mac running macOS Sierra 10.12.6. Prior to this, I had been running 1Password 6.

When I go to All Items, select them all, choose File/Print (or command-P), and choose Save as PDF from the PDF menu in the macOS Print dialog, the PDF from 1Password 7 is considerably larger than PDF from 1Password 6. Even after I reduced the number of items in the data file after installing 1Password 7.

I have 836 items in 1PWD 7. Many items have a considerable amount of information entered in the Notes field. The resulting PDF is 375 pages and 8.7 MB. After running the PDF through Acrobat Pro DC's "Reduce File Size" feature, the resulting PDF is 2.4 MB. In contrast, running the PDF generated by 1Password 6 through Acrobat Pro DC resulted in a PDF that was only 1 MB--and that PDF was ten pages longer (385 pages) than the one coming from 1Password 7.

Also, 1Password 7 generates a slightly larger 1p4_zip backup file than 1Password 6. When I created the PDFs described above, I also generated backups by going to File > Backup. The 1PWD 7 backup = 2.6 MB, the 1PWD 6 backup = 2.4 MB.

The nearly 2.5 x larger PDF is not a huge thing, but it is still an issue in a specialized situation where space is at a premium.

I'm curious what 1Password 7 is doing differently than 1Password 6, especially since, as far as I can tell, the data file is readable by both versions. (If I'm wrong about that last point, please correct me.)

1Password Version: 7.0.4
Extension Version: 4.7.1 Safari, Chrome/Firefox
OS Version: macOS 10.12.6
Sync Type: iCloud


  • Ben

    Hi @billj

    Thanks for the note. I’m really surprised to hear this has changed at all. As far as I’m aware we haven’t touched printing in some time, and even if we had my understanding is that the saving to a PDF file from the print dialogue is handled by macOS and not the host app. I’ll check with development and see if they have any insights here, but I can’t promise a definite answer.

    We generally don’t recommend printing 1Password data, especially not all of it. Would you be willing to elaborate n what problem you’re trying to solve/avoid by doing so? We may be able to suggest an alternative.


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