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Why have multiple Vaults?

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Hi all,

I have 3 vaults; Personal, Family (Shared), and Work. In reading through some of the various forums, it's become clear to me that people love to create and use tons of vaults for various things. My curiosity and question is, why? What are folks using all of these additional vaults for? Perhaps, I'm overlooking obvious reasons to have more vaults.


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  • BenBen

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    The primary reason is for sharing purposes. Sharing happens at the vault level. If you have various items that you want to share with various individuals or groups multiple vaults is really the only way to accomplish that.

    In a business membership for example it might be common to have a vault for each department:

    • Management
    • Accounting
    • Sales
    • IT
    • Warehouse
    • Security
    • All Staff

    Now it would probably be fairly uncommon that someone would need access to all of those, but perhaps the head of accounting needs access to All Staff, Management, Accounting, and Sales.

    Within a family membership you might have a situation where you have multiple groups that need to share:

    • Mom & Dad
    • Uncle Bob & Aunt Sue
    • Mom, Uncle Bob, and Grandma
    • Mom, Dad, and the kids

    It really depends largely on who you’re using 1Password with and who you’re going to share what information with.


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