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Watchtower Breach Report - Ignore item?

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Hey guys,

I like the new breach report function, but I have a slight problem with it. One of my email addresses appeared in a breach but then, since I was not really using that account, I deleted it (or at least asked for it, who knows what they do with it). But, as expected, the breach report is notifying me about that account and since it does not exist, the only way how I can handle it now is to actually create a "fake" login item so that the Breach Report thinks, I already changed my password. But then I end up with a useless and "not working" login item.

Is there maybe another way how to "ignore" the item from that report?

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  • PhilGwynnePhilGwynne
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    I have a similar issue where a dump of an old Gmail password had been put on a forum (which hasn't been breached). The only way to get rid of the report item is to create a fake login for the forum it was posted on, which is a bit annoying as it'll now come up in search results on 1Password:

  • AGAlumBAGAlumB
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    @ondrejfuhrer: Yep. In some cases there isn't anything you can do about a breach, or it's irrelevant since you deleted the account with the site. It would be nice for there to be a way for you to tell 1Password that. We'll continue to build on this new Watchtower feature. Thanks for the feedback! :)

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