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  • cowper
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    Just wanted to add a +1 to this "Emergency Access" request. I'm looking for a new password manager, and this is a critical feature for me.

    LastPass and Dashlane already have this, with Bitwarden in the process of implementing, so 1Password may soon become the odd-one-out of the "big 4" password managers. I fully understand everyone has a different threat profile, and 1Password is looking to get this right. I do thank you staff for your honesty saying "make your decision based on what is currently available", and I will do so, but I really hope this feature might come in the future.*

    If it does, it would be great to see some specificity where certain items/folders (is that a "vault" in 1Password?) can be included/excluded from the access. LastPass doesn't have this at all and Dashlane only has inclusion per item, but Bitwarden look to be developing something a bit more flexible.


    *PS: I'm so keen on seeing this in 1Password because apart from that, it looks like a great option! Travel mode, pricing, partnership with Troy Hunt, AgileBits being "good guys" with the open-source iOS app extension back in 2014 with iOS 8, allowing other password managers to build on it... I hope I can make use of your product one day!

  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, @cowper. :)


  • Ryan992
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    I only got halfway though reading the thread but I have to say as a new 1Password user I am a bit disappointed that there is not a better option for this. While I realize an emergency access feature like LastPass won't be a good option for everyone, for others its a perfect option and I believe there should be the option for those of us who want to use it.

    Really I think it could be as simple as this (at least for family or business accounts):

    1. Allow each account to designate a secondary emergency access email address.
    2. If an organizer/administrator initiates a reset it would go to the primary email address
    3. After a set timeframe if no action is taken on that email it would be resent to the secondary emergency contact email

    Then add an option tot he email to cancel the reset if you don;t want to reset or have the reset email sent tot he secondary contact.

    This secondary email would be optional for those who don't want to use it for any reason. And if one wants an added level of protection they could make the secondary email someone else who is not an organizer/admin so it would require two others to gain access.

  • Hey @Ryan992. Thanks for the feedback on this, and welcome to 1Password. We're not oblivious to the desire for a feature like this, but the trick is getting it right, and I'm not sure we've figured out the best way to do that. As such it isn't something that is on the radar right now, but we'll continue to brainstorm on it and gather feedback.


  • Ryan992
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    I think exactly what I posted would be a great way to do it. It's simple building on what you already have coded to allow resets. It's one thing to want to get it right, but its another to use wanting to get it right as an excuse to do nothing and for how long ago this thread was started it gives the impression that the latter is more accurate.

  • Fair enough. :) We don't talk publicly about future plans in any specific terms, which I realize is frustrating in some ways.


  • rkei58
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    Interesting discussion.
    Although I understand the comments of the 1Password staff I think it it a feature I see requested a lot. Off course I can take any piece of paper and write my access information and put it in a safe. This I can however do with any (free) passwordmanager or even my important individual passwords.
    Sure there are all kinds of scenario’s to think of but if we have to take into account everything you should also remove the fingerprint login as I can be forced to open my vault by using forcefully taking my finger (or make me unconsious somehow).
    I think the point is that your customers are asking for it and your competitors (Lastpass) are offering it. The fact that you offer it as a configurable option doesn’t mean everyone has to use it. You can clearly describe the usage and risks and let your users decide to use it or not.
    For me this this missing functionality is a dealbreaker. My spouse and I both use 1password (version 6 now) to our satisfaction for a long time but would be happy to subscribe to the Family version (7) if this was offered. The lack of this functionality however makes me evaluate other solutions.

  • Understood. Best of luck finding a solution that meets your needs. I'm sorry to hear that at the moment that isn't 1Password. Hopefully this will be a problem that we can address in the future.


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