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Hello! Welcome to the discussion forum for the 1Password SCIM bridge.

The SCIM bridge is our solution for automated provisioning in 1Password.com. op-scim is a server application meant to be hosted on your (the customer's) infrastructure or servers. Your admins provide op-scim with credentials for a "provisioning manager" user account for your 1Password business, and can use that account to perform actions:

  • Provision users (create, suspend, delete, update)
  • Provision groups (create, delete, update)
  • Provision group memberships (add and remove users from groups)

This works by connecting your company's identity provider to op-scim, and configuring it to provision users and groups automatically. The bridge currently supports Azure Active Directory and Okta for full provisioning, and support for other identity providers is coming in the next few months.

The bridge is in beta, and we are inviting any business wishing to use automated provisioning to read our documentation and contact our business team ([email protected]) to set up an introductory call to discuss it. We are currently hoping to work closely with teams deploying the bridge so we can rapidly improve our documentation and tooling, including supporting as many deployment strategies as possible.

We are extremely excited about the bridge and the ability for hundreds or thousands of users to be provisioned into 1Password automatically, and we hope you take advantage of this discussion forum to ask questions, report issues, and get help from us.

Happy provisioning!


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