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1Password.CA vs 1Password.COM?

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Hi guys,

My vault works under 1password.CA domain but if I try to login into the default 1password.COM vault. My account does not exist.

Why do you guys have 2 different server per domain? Is .CA server located in Toronto while the .COM located in USA? I know the main website "Login" button direct to .COM login page.

I am confused, is the .CA domain valid?

I am from Toronto, should I stick to .CA or delete and start new under .COM?

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  • thightowerthightower
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    Yes the domains are entirely separate and there is not an interconnect between them. So naturally you would not be able to login to the .com domain if your data is hosted on the .ca version. This is to ensure data privacy and security, based upon local or geographic laws and regulations, * in my understanding. I am sure the staff can better inform you.

    I am pretty sure their is a European version too, though I don't recall the domain. -- Edit found it is .eu

    The best thing for reference is here https://1password.com/legal/privacy/

  • BenBen

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    thightower is on point. :) There is nothing wrong with using 1Password.ca, and living in Canada it may make good sense to do so.

    We have three instances of 1Password available:

    • 1Password.com: N. Virginia, USA
    • 1Password.ca: Montreal, Canada
    • 1Password.eu: Frankfurt, Germany


  • ClayReitsmaClayReitsma
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    If you set up your family account based on 1Password.com and want to migrate it to a .ca domain can I do that without having to delete the family account in the .com domain and re-create the family account in the .ca domain. I am hoping not. If not, can you provide me with a hyperlink to instructions on how to do it. Thanks.

  • BenBen

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    The instances of 1Password don't "talk" to each other, as having them do so would largely defeat the point of having them separated. As such there is no way to migrate from one to the other, other than:

    1. Signing up for a new membership on the destination instance
    2. If applicable, invite all family members to create accounts within your new membership on the destination instance
    3. Copying all data from vaults on the source instance to the destination instance (each person will need to do this for their Personal vault but only one person should do this for each shared vault or you'll get duplicates)
    4. Have everyone sign out of their account on the source instance
    5. Delete the membership on the source instance once you've verified everyone has access to all of their data on the destination instance

    Unless there is a very compelling reason for doing so, it is likely not worth while in my estimation.


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    Is it still the case that if you do this all links between items in a vault will break?

  • BenBen

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    Yes. Item IDs are vault specific. When an item changes vaults, as far as 1Password is concerned, it is an entirely new and different item. As such any "related items" links would need to be re-established.


  • cicerocicero
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    Hi @Ben,

    Regarding your reply about not being worth it to migrate from .com to .ca, can you still state that even when considering divergences between privacy laws of US and Canada?
    I am asking because I just created an account but realized I did it for the .com domain. Since I live in Canada, maybe it would be better to move to the .ca domain.

  • BenBen

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    My comment was regarding effort required vs possible benefit, particularly for someone who has a well established account (e.g. they have a lot of items to move, billing set up, are partway through a subscription period, etc). Unless such a person had a pretty compelling reason it wouldn't be something that I'd suggest. But of course you can do so for any or no reason at all if you'd like. If you've only just signed up and would rather be on 1Password.ca the process takes much less effort.


  • AGAlumBAGAlumB
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    @cicero: The only reasons I'm aware of for using one server over another are a) regulatory reasons (e.g. for a business) or b) personal preference. But if you have a different reason, that's okay too. I'd just be curious in case it comes up again in the future. :)

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