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Could I use 4 of the family plans for the following use case:

  • business size 20 people
  • verify each person through the application
    • each using different devices
    • each using different fingerprints
    • each with their own profile

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  • trevcolt
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    My apologies, I never saw the business plan. Is the business plan for this purpose? and how many accounts does it allow?

  • AGAlumB
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    @trevcolt: No worries! Thanks for reaching out. Indeed, 1Password Business is ideal for companies since it gives you the power to fine-tune who has access to what, and includes reports and many other tools to help you secure your business data:

    About 1Password Business

    You can add as many people as you want, and you may also be interested to know that each of them gets a 1Password Families account to use as well. That way they can use 1Password personally without mixing work and personal stuff. Definitely reach out via email to so we can go over all the details with you and help your company get everything setup. :)

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