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My husband set us up a 1password account a couple of years ago. He entered all of his passwords in his phone. I entered several in my phone also. We can both access this information with our fingerprint and our password on our phones.

We now want to export all of this information from both phones. We use a PC at home and when I looked into how we can do this, it appeared that you could only do it on the computer. We do not have a membership so cannot log in on our PC, we only have access via our iphones.

Please advise how we can export data from 1password from our iphones.

Thank you

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    Hi @francesmcgregor

    The information you found is correct: 1Password for iOS does not have an export function. 1Password for Windows or 1Password for Mac would be needed in order to export data. That said, there may be a way to accomplish your goal here. Could you please elaborate a bit for me about what it is that you’re trying to accomplish? Knowing a bit more about the situation may help me provide better info.



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