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I had to do a clean install of high sierra onto my computer, and my old user profile is corrupted so I couldn't do migration assistant. I am having trouble finding the data file from my 1password profile (see attachment for the prompt I get when opening 1Password now).

I do have a time machine backup of my old computer, but I saw that I was supposed to go to users > Library > application support, but when I go to my old user folder, there is no file called Library.

If I go to the Hard Disk, there is a folder called Library and then Application Support, but nothing for 1Password.

If I search for 1Password while in Time Machine, I can see a bunch of 1Password files, but if I select them then click restore nothing seems to happen. You'll notice everything is greyed out on the left too, so I can't drag them over.

And when I'm back in my new profile, and I search for 1Password, this is all it finds:


1Password Version: Version 3.8.22
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 10.13.6
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • chadseld
    edited July 2018

    Hi cc8910,

    IIRC, 1Password 3 stored its data in ~/Library/Application Support/1Password/. But if you downloaded 1Password from the Mac App Store, it would be in ~/Library/Containers/com.agilebits.onepassword-osx-helper/Data/Documents/

    Sometimes, Time Machine restoration takes a while to load the files before enabling the Restore button, especially if loading over a network. Hopefully this is the case, since grayed-out files do you no good.

    I should note that 1Password 3 has a number of problems running under 10.13, so you should consider upgrading as soon as possible.

  • cc8910
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    Hi chadseld,

    I'm fine to upgrade, but before I do, I need to be able to access this data file!

    If you look at the pictures I sent above — there is no Library folder in the user folder. I was able to show hidden files, and found the Library folder in the user folder, but it's greyed out and I get this error when I try to click on it.

  • Lars
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    @cc8910 - It looks as if none of those files are accessible to you (that's why you see the red minus symbols). This is a permissions issue. You'll need to reset the permissions on it, using either terminal commands or the ⌘I (command-I, "get info") combo. Set the permissions so that you can both read and write that file chadseld mentioned, and you should be able to proceed from there.

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