1Password 7 (functioning) and 1Password 6 (password lost) Mac HighSierra 10.13.6

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Ctrl+\ brings up 1p6 (I say 6, but it might be some earlier version).
The Login to 1p7 through network is aok. Chrome extension works fine.
Safari Extension: installation reported at complete.
The Safari extension is not working. That is my main problem.
I don't see the 1P icon on right side of editboxes.

I have lost my 1P6 password.

using : https://safari-extensions.apple.com/details/?id=com.agilebits.onepassword4-safari-2BUA8C4S2C

I download and install Safari Extension and then see
in Prefs -> Extensions _> 1Password that 4.7.2 shows installed

I want to deactivate and/or remove 1p6 and go solo with 1p7.

When I login on at 1Password.com, I am presented with a dialog
pointing to the 1P icon in the top Mac bar, saying
"would you like to add this account to 1P for Mac?"
I assume this is somesort of collision between the 1P6.app and 1P7 online.

It is obvious that I need some help.

Best Regards, Mark

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  • Hi mejbarron,

    There seems to be some confusion over 1Password extensions. In Chrome, you appear to have the 1Password X extension installed. This is a stand-alone extension for Chrome that works with your 1Password account. It does not communicate with the 1Password.app installed on your computer. It's meant for Linux users or users who can't install the app for whatever reason.

    The 1Password extension that communicates with the installed app can be had here: https://1password.com/browsers/

    When installed, there should be a 1Password icon in your browser toolbar. But it does not add any 1P buttons inside edit boxes.

    Install 1Password 7 on your Mac from here: https://1password.com/downloads/

    Then, sign in to your account through Preferences > Accounts, or by agreeing to the "would you like to add this account to 1P for Mac?" prompt.

    Also, uninstall the Chrome 1Password X extension so that you don't have both extensions running at the same time.

    I hope that helps.

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