Avoid entering master password every time i want to use 1password to login

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Every time I try to use 1 password to fill in login information by clicking on the logo in Safari, I have to enter my master password. This makes the app a little useless.

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Referrer: forum-search:Is there a way to avoid having to enter the master password every time I want to access a login through 1password?


  • Lars
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    Welcome to the forum, @Marjorie! 1Password is designed with security in mind, so it's not open all the time. If it were, that would be a pretty big potential security hole. If you're only using the computer occasionally, I would expect you'd need to enter your Master Password each time. However, there are definitely parameters you can set to your preference: unlock 1Password and visit Preferences > Security and you'll see a host of options:

    You can't set 1Password to never require your Master Password, but you can relax the rules under which it requires you to enter it, to suit your taste and your working environment/threat profile. You can turn off/on locking when your computer sleeps, or when the display sleeps. You can set the number of minutes they computer must be idle (i.e. - no input from you) before it locks. Give that a try, and see if you can get it to a setup that works better for you. Let us know if you have any questions.

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