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Hi - I want to move to a paperless home, scanning in bills, correspondence etc - at the moment this goes into the default notes app on iPhone and macOS - but this isn't good for sharing.

I'd like to use 1pswd for doing this job as the family sharing would be good for this - any issues or recommendations for the best way to use it for this purpose?

I'd imagine taking a scan as a pdf on my phone - saving it as a document... done.

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  • It's version 7 btw

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    @mfieldho: Thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry for the confusion! 1Password really isn't designed for this purpose. It's a password manager, made for securing sensitive stuff, not so much cataloging everything. I get where you're coming from, but we have no expertise in OCR, and there are a ton of great products out there already that do this — and, notably, they're less focused on saving and filling login credentials. ;) So for now at least we're focused on making 1Password the best dang password manager we can. But perhaps in the future when it's perfect (not certainly that's possible, but hey) we'll branch out more. You can certainly save some files as Documents in your account to secure them, but manipulating them is entirely the domain of others, and in good hands I'd say. :)

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