1Password 7 Standalone License (one-time purchase) in July 2018



  • mcsilver
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    I found the solution myself. Logged off from the trial account. Then, all of a sudden the respective options showed up and I could purchase the stand-alone license.

  • AGAlumB
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    @mcsilver: Indeed, 1Password shouldn't be trying to sell you a license when you're using a 1Password account, since the membership includes all of the apps. Anyway, glad that you were able to set it up without an account, if that's your preference. Just keep in mind that 1Password is licensed per person, and it may not be someone else's preference, or in their best interest to depend entirely on local data. It could help your loved ones a lot to be part of a 1Password Families membership where they have all their 1Password data backed up automatically offsite, so they can access it even if their devices are lost, stolen, or destroyed; and you could also help them recover their accounts if they get locked out -- in addition to securely sharing vaults without any setup required on their part. Food for thought. Happy holidays! :)

  • bettykat
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    Is the standalone license no longer an option? I do not see it at https://1password.com/sign-up/.

  • JDW
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    Please follow all the steps in my post here, then let me know if that works for you.

    By the way, you can use Rakuten to get a discount on your 1Password purchase. When I clicked the link to 1Password today Rakuten showed me a discount of 12.5%. If you've never used them before, they give you $10 right off the top too, which is great. Rakuten is a big online discounter in Japan and I've used them for my US online shopping over the past year. They pay the "rebates" to you either via PayPal or via paper check in the mail. So I would suggest you check them out first, prior to making your 1Password purchase. It can save you a little money. I'm not exactly sure how they offer these discounts, but I can vouch for the service being legitimate. I think it could be they are paying you the money they'd otherwise pay to people who setup "referral links." It's not big money most of the time, but it's better than nothing. Just make sure your adblocker is disabled, as adblockers can sometimes block the Rakuten credit due you when you make an online purchase.

    Anyway, let me know if the steps presented in my earlier post help you purchase 1Password standalone.

  • bettykat
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    I tried to follow those steps last night which is what prompted me to write my reply. I already have a trial account (I'm still in the free trial phase) so it may be related to that or it may be that the menu options are different due to software updates across the last year. Regardless, I used your download link and reinstalled 1Password onto my Mac, then--when I click the 1Password menu--I see the drop-down menu but there is no "Purchase 1Password" option - can send screen shot if you'd like (can't figure out how to upload it in this post).

    The options in the drop down menu are, instead:

    About 1Password
    Check for Updates
    Install Browser Extensions
    Empty Trash
    Hide 1Password
    Hide Others
    Quit 1Password

    NB: There is an Account-->Manage Subscription link in 1Password, but that produces a "Billing Information - bettykat" white pop-up that actually never loads anything.

    I use Rakuten (f/k/a eBates) but thanks for the tip regardless.

  • bettykat
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    P.S.: There is an entire URL (https://my.1password.com/billing) devoted to billing as well but again...no option there to purchase standalone license.

  • Hi @bettykat

    We no longer advertise standalone licenses. The only trial we offer is of 1Password membership. While signed into a membership it is not possible to purchase a license. You'd first need to remove the trial account from your 1Password installation in order to see the option (in the app) to buy a license.

    How to move your data to a standalone vault to use 1Password without an account


  • bettykat
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    Gotcha - thanks for the clarification.

  • No problem. :)


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