Blank browser page when trying to join family plan

I received an email to join my family's recently established plan. When I follow the link in the email to "Join your family", I end up on a page with only the 1Password keyhole logo at the top, and everything else is blank, even after the page has finished loading. I've tried this in Chrome (regular as well as incognito) and Safari on my Macbook Pro, and on my iPhone in the Chrome app as well (see screenshots). I've been trying for a couple days, on a few different WiFi networks that I know are working, and I've restarted my computer and phone between attempts. I've also done a "clear cache and hard reload" in Chrome. Furthermore, I can't find a way to accept such an invitation from the desktop app, which I've downloaded. Please advise how I can accept the family invitation!

1Password Version: 7.0.7
Extension Version: n/a
OS Version: OS Sierra 10.12.6
Sync Type: n/a
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    Welcome to the forum, @j_d! That's certainly an odd one. I would have your family organizer resend the invitation to you first; there may have been something malformed with the invitation link -- I still wouldn't expect it to show you just a blank screen on multiple devices, but let's see if that solves anything before we do any further digging. Your family organizer can sign into his/her account in a browser and go to Invitations and click Resend on yours. See if that helps, and let us know what you discover!

  • Figured it out - the invitation had expired; a resend fixed the problem. From a UI perspective, the total lack of error message in the browser that the invite had expired and the lack of indication in the email invitation that it would expire were really frustrating. Thanks for the help!

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    @j_d - we actually do show the Admin or Family Organizer exactly how long before the invitation expires, within the Admin console. We've traditionally left it up to the individual organizer to police their own invites, rather than add an expiration notice to the invitation email directly, but perhaps we can look into changing that.

    That said, and regardless of what's on the actual invitation email, what should happen when you try to activate an invitation that's expired or revoked is that when the server front end receives an invalid token (whether it's a legitimate but expired one, or a spoofed bogus one from someone trying to crack the system), we should show you something besides a blank page. I've filed a bug report for this internally, so thanks for reporting it.

    Interestingly, when trying to reproduce this issue here, I initially wasn't able to do so. But what I discovered was the reason I could not repro what you saw was because (obviously) I wasn't going to wait five days for an issue to expire, so instead, I had been manually deleting the just-sent invitation in my Admin Console, and then trying to reply to it. When I did that, I got the message you should've gotten as well -- this one:

    It wasn't until a colleague and I actually used a local testing copy of the server and manually set the date wrong so it would read as "expired" that I was able to reproduce the behavior you saw -- so it appears to be restricted to only expired invitations, not any others that are canceled or otherwise voided. Thanks again for catching this and letting us know.

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