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I would like to store secure information in 1Password that is table based. With the new Markdown support I was hoping this would be possible. Any way that I can store tabular data in 1Password? An example would be a table of printers, IP addresses, model numbers, serial numbers, and web access passwords.

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  • Ben
    edited August 2018

    Hi @pwnell

    We do not currently have support for tables, but we do have support for preformatted text, which may help.

    preformatted text
    This text will apppear preformatted.
    **Characters that would normally cause _formatting_ are ignored**
    Including    Spacing    Such    As      Tabs

    Some additional options we support:

    • Headings: # Heading 1, ## Heading 2, ### Heading 3
    • Dividing line: ---
    • Link:
    • Bold: **bold**
    • Italic: _italic_
    • Strikethrough: ~~strikethrough~~
    • Bulleted list: * list item
    • Numbered list: 1. list item
    • Quotation: > quotation


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