Keyboard disabled automatically on Samsung S8+

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I've been noticing that the 1Password keyboard gets disabled after some time (I'm not sure how and when it does this).

I've enabled the keyboard on the mobile app, and i can use the keyboard immediately. The next time i want to use it (could be days or weeks), the keyboard is disabled and i have to activate it again.

I'm on Android 7.0

Any ideas?



  • periperi

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    Hi @iamcoda. We've recently improved filling on Android so that you can use the accessibility service which handles filling without needing to use the 1Password keyboard. Since you're using the keyboard, it sounds like you have the accessibility service enabled in Settings > Filling, right? If so, you should see an Autofill with 1Password prompt in login fields. Just tap that to fill, and you won't need to switch keyboards.

    Regarding the keyboard being disabled, are you using any optimization software that may be disabling it or the accessibility service in the background?

  • iamcodaiamcoda
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    Hi @peri ,
    Great! Didn't know about the Accessibility option. Tried with some random apps and it works, but the prompt is not showing on Firefox browser though. Chrome and Firefox Focus are OK. This seems to be the better option than the keyboard!

    Regarding the keyboard, I didn't install special optimization/background apps though.

  • HenryHenry
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    @iamcoda I'm glad to hear you're liking our new Accessibility filling service! Indeed, it doesn't yet work with Firefox, as Firefox doesn't yet support the needed accessibility framework. Right now, you can use it with Chrome, Firefox Focus, Microsoft Edge, and Opera, and in our upcoming big 1Password 7 update we'll be adding support for Brave and the DuckDuckGo browser as well!

    As far as the 1Password keyboard—let me or Peri know if you'd like any help troubleshooting it, but as we're phasing it out in favor of our lovely new filling features, it might be worth sticking with the new stuff. :)

  • iamcodaiamcoda
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    Hey @Henry - Yes! Loving the accessibility approach instead. Looking forward to the big update!

  • HenryHenry
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    Awesome @iamcoda and I'm looking forward to it too!

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