I have a scenario.
If an admin creates a Vault and the people above should have all the access but admin should not see the information in the vault but, he should have permission to share the vault with other users.
Can this scenario be achieved? If yes, how can it be achieved?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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  • Hi @JamesAndy,

    I think so. Let me explain how that could work with 1Password.

    An Admin can create a vault. In doing so they'll have full access to the vault (Read, Write, Manage). The admin can then give other people access to the vault. The admin can take away their Read and Write access to the vault, and leave themselves with only Manage. With only Manage access, the admin can still give others access to the vault, but the vault won't show up anywhere for them to see into it. This would achieve what you're looking for, I think.

    There's one thing to be aware of though. Someone who has Manage access on a vault can give themselves Read and Write permission. Which makes sense... if I'm an admin and I can give Timmy access to read and write into a vault, what's the difference between giving Timmy that access and giving it to myself?

    I hope that helps.


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