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I am fuming. I had 1 password 6 and it stopped working i.e filling in my logins automatically. Therefore i downloaded the license version of 7 because i didnt want a monthly fee. Now its still not working and im considering deleting it all and going with another product. I am very busy and do want to spend 2 hours trying to sort this when i have much more important things to do and the reason i purchased this app in the first instance. One very annoyed customer

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  • Stephen_C
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    @Electricred7 in order that we can answer your question please tell us:

    (I'm merely another user trying to help so please don't shoot the messenger.)


  • Lars
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    Welcome to the forum, @Electricred7! I'm sorry for the trouble you're experiencing just now. @Stephen_C is right; we'll need a little more information to be able to know what's going wrong and how we might right it. 1Password doesn't stop working under normal conditions; if you can tell us what else might have changed in regard to your Mac, that may help us get you back up and running. Did you update 1Password? Your browser? macOS? Did you add anything else into the mix such as antivirus or internet filtering software? The more information you can give us, the better.

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